Food is Medicine #quicktipwednesday

Food is the most powerful medicine we have at our disposal. However, we often forget this basic and time-tested fact with all of the advances we enjoy in today’s day and age.

Food can also be used for prevention. With cold and flu season upon us, try out this Elderberry syrup recipe and help your family stay healthy this fall/winter season.



Monday’s are hard?

Every Monday we get a choice. It’s up to us to choose how our day will go, to choose our mood, to choose whether we will be negative and cranky or positive and happy.

Too often we choose to be unhappy about the new work week. And that choice affects our attitudes as well as the way we feel and show up during the day.

Why do we choose to create that feeling of unhappiness and irritability? Is that really how we want to feel?

Wouldn’t we rather feel happy and at peace with a sense of calm and excitement for what the week will bring?

Perhaps we should all make the conscious choice to be happy and look forward to the new opportunity coming our way and the blessing to connect with those around us.

Think for yourself – how do you really want to feel. Make the choice and then put that choice into action. You will have a much easier Monday and it won’t seem like such a burden.

Ultimately it’s your choice. And you have complete control over it!

Happy Monday

Boost your libido with food!


Tip of the Day: Dark chocolate, pumpkins seeds, garlic, oysters, pineapple and celery have all been shown to positively affect libido.

Grab your loved one and get your pumpkin on! Tis the season for, well, everything pumpkin.

Throw some raw pumpkin seeds in with your oatmeal. Roast them up to east as a delicious snack or include them with some sunflower seeds, almond slivers, flax meal, cinnamon and almond milk for a tasty and healthy cereal.

Be creative and enjoy!

#mindsetmonday – the truth


One of my favorite quotes – and I’m not sure who said it initially – goes:

“The Truth is that you are whole, perfect, capable and deserving. The Truth is that you are meant for greatness. The Truth is that you are capable of doing whatever it is you want to do on your own terms.”

As human beings we are only bound by the limits we place upon ourselves. It’s the thoughts, conditioning and mindset we operate in that limits us. However, the truth is that each one of us was put on this earth for a purpose; To discover our innate talents and abilities and share them with the world. We only have one life in our physical bodies – why do we waste it in fear and limitation?

How will you be brave? What are you limiting yourself to? Life truly is what we make of it.


Who are you. YOU – your truest self. What do you believe? What do you stand for? How do you see the world? What are you goals, your dreams? What values do you hold?

How do you exhibit those everyday? How do you show up in the world and does it align with who you are? Do you allow others to experience who you are?

If you haven’t thought about these questions in a while – it’s time to revisit them. The answers to them are foundational to your happiness in everyday life.

Remember always – be who YOU are!