#mindsetmonday – Celebrate your wins!

As everyone is looking ahead to the next year & the next decade, it is important to look back over the last decade and see how much you’ve changed; see how far you’ve come; see how your life has changed; celebrate your wins and identify areas to improve. Only then can you move forward into the next decade with intention & perspective.

Happy New Year all!


#mindsetmonday – Holiday in perspective

For many of us the holidays are filled with family/friend get-togethers, delicious food, laughter and fun. Lurking underneath all the merriment however, is the underlying stress of pulling all this off. Ensuring the kids have a great holiday; buying gifts for relatives and friends; planning meals; cleaning houses; spending loads of $$$; worrying about how the get-togethers will go; wondering who will argue; dreading certain questions you’d rather not be brought up; fielding everyone’s opinions on how you should be raising your kids, traveling to 50 different houses…. I could go on.

All this stress is absolutely not good for your health – both physically and mentally. When overwhelmed with holiday stressors – stop, breathe and remember the reason behind which all this is happening. Take 2 minutes to think about what you are thankful for, list what you are blessed with, remember that our lives are a gift and our loved ones are a blessing. Be thankful to be alive on this earth and put the holiday back into perspective.

And don’t worry if you’re holiday dinner doesn’t turn out perfectly or if the gifts look like a 2 year old wrapped them (as do mine), don’t worry if one of your friends or relatives is unhappy (that’s on them – not you). And focus on enjoying! Enjoy this wonderful, magical time of year.

I hope you have a wonderful, relaxing and peaceful holiday! Remember to always, always, always Be Who YOU Are – because you are AMAZING!

#mindsetmonday – cookies got the best of me & its OK

Recently my sister and cousins and all our respective kids held our annual Xmas cookie extravaganza. Each year we gather with our receipes and our ingredients for fun & laughter culminating in about a zillion xmas cookies on my cousin’s kitchen counter. It’s tradition, it’s fun and it’s one of the only times of the year we all are together in one room. I love it.

What I don’t love though is the aftermath of the utterly devestating sugar binge and tailspin I can’t seem to avoid each year. Although I logically know better and can avoid eating cookies without issue any other time of the year – all bets are off on xmas cookie day. Each year I tell myself – nope – not this year Shannon. You’ve got this. And each year, the dang cookies get the best of me. I think I ingested more sugar in that one day that I did all year combined – EEEEEEKKKK.

But, what IS different this year is that I told myself it was ok. I didn’t experience the usual guilt and remorse. The usual disgust with myself. The usual after-binge feelings (I know some of you know what I’m talking about here – the inner dialogues we have with ourselves at these times is brutal and horrible). I gave myself permission this year on cookie day. I gave my self permission because I know that 85% of the time year-round I make healthy choices. I gave myself permission because I know that for me to fully enjoy cookie day I want to taste test! And I gave myself permission because I know that I will pick myself back up, pull myself out of the sugar craving tailspin and get back to normal. (sidenote – this is not an easy task, once you get that sugar in you, it’s more addictive than some drugs – but you CAN do it).

This holiday season – what will you tell yourself? Will you beat yourself up? Will you go through the normal yo-yo emotions of self-hatred for eating something “you shouldn’t”? I hope not. My hope for you this holiday season is for you to enjoy yourself – you only live once for goodness sakes. And if that means having some xmas cookies (or whatever it may be) than so be it. Hand yourself out some forgiveness, grace and kindness – and then, find your support network and get back to your normal. And if your normal is not the most healthy, then in 2020 I encourage you to find your healthy!

Happy holidays!!