#mindsetmonday – power of meditation

I was reminded this morning how powerful taking even just 10 minutes to meditate can be. I woke up at 5am, tired and grumpy having not slept well. I went downstairs, got my water and chose a guided meditation.

As i turned inward, focused my breath, and concentrated on my meditation (having a peaceful and productive day) something subtle changed.

I emerged with a fresh attitude. I was now looking forward to beginning my day, no longer grumpy. Still tired, but no longer negative.

The scientific studies on the benefits of meditation are pouring out of the medical community. But I think the proof is in the doing. I know it has profoundly changed me for the better.

If you don’t already – give it a try for a couple weeks. You’ll be surprised at the impact.

Have an awesome Monday – be grateful you get to have another one!!


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Shannon Vitale, CTNC; Board Certified in Holistic Nutrition

SMALL STEPS EVERY DAY! Successful, driven, motivated - Professional & Entreprenuerial moms not only lead teams, departments and organizations to get results, but are the CEO's of their family's lives as well. Too often we fall prey to our own perfectionistic tendencies and are unable to find a way to "balance" it all so that we are not only successful at work, but happy at home. Our health and our home life suffers - often undetected by those around us. We tread water - barely, with no time for ourselves. There is a path, a roadmap, we can use to clarify our goals, create habits, routines and actions around those goals and successfully be able to breathe! To know we are taking care of ourselves and our family's needs. And we can do this efficiently, without wasting time and without it being complicated. I would love to help you learn how! Contact me for a free consultation call!

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