#mindsetmonday – time away

Take time for yourself. Make time for you & your significant other. Time away together changes perspectives.

Mohican State Park

#mindsetmonday – keep going

Some days are harder than others. No one said life was going to be a joyous occasion everyday.

On those days, when you don’t want to get out of bed; when you don’t think you can handle – well – anything. Just take a breath. Find your courage and just put one foot in front of the other. Just keep going.

And remember you are not alone – even if it feels that way. You are not alone. Just keep going.

#mindsetmonday – Enjoy life as it is

Remember to always stop. Step back and look around you to find something – no matter how small – to enjoy and be grateful for! Your soul will thank you.

Mine? The rare occassion where I was able to make my now teenage daughter smile, give me hug and say thank you. All while not embarrassing her (for once). Yes, it involved a birthday gift of a lifesize cutout of her favorite celebrity. But, I got the hug and smile and it was worth it!

#mindsetmonday – there is good

Amidst the chaos and tipsy turbulence world Covid19 threw us into; amidst the senseless violence and hatred that is yet again tearing its ugly head across our nation – remember – there is still good in this world. With hundreds of thousands of amazing human beings who give of themselves, who love and who provide peace, hope and stability.

There is more power in love than in fear and hate. how will you choose to be?