Food is truly the most powerful medicine! Detox the right way!


Time for a fall cleanup for your body, mind, and spirit

Fall is here in NE Ohio! It’s one of my favorite times of the year – the changing colors on the trees, the slight chill in the air, apple cider & cinnamon, pumpkins, Halloween…LOVE IT.

Now is the time for elderberry syrup making to shore up our immune systems for the coming cold/flu season. It’s also a great time to take stock, declutter and prep for the coming winter – not just your physical environment, but your physical body and your mental and emotional energy as well. This is a perfect time to cleanse and reset yourself. Start cleaning out those toxins to make room for more positive and fulfilling changes, foods, habits, actions and mindsets.

Our body’s naturally run through many elimination and detoxification processes on a daily basis – but these days we seem to be constantly overloading them. This applies to toxins in our physical body as well as all that “stuff” that clutters our minds and hearts.

Take this time to prioritize yourself and your well-being. What are you putting into your body? What are you exposing yourself to? The foods we eat, the products we use, the water in our homes, the air we breathe, the negativity we subject ourselves to…it all has an impact on us.

Perhaps its time to take one small step towards decluttering something unhealthy in your life. Choose an area – food, your mindset, your connection to others, and focus in. Take stock of what’s impacting that area now and choose one small way you can start to cleanse and reset. Maybe you want to nourish your body by including a healthy breakfast with protein, healthy fat and tons of veggies. Maybe you want to switch out a skincare product with something that is free of harmful toxins, maybe you want to try your hand at journaling or a daily gratitude practice. Maybe it’s just including something fun into each day.

The possibilities are endless. One way to start is to participate in a nourishing cleanse – one which supports your body’s natural detoxification processes and gives your body what it needs to cleanse safely. I will be running my semi-annual 10 Day Transformational Reset Cleanse Challenge beginning October 11, 2021. This already done for you 10 Day reset program (where you will receive the guide, meal plan, recipes and best practices) was designed by top holistic nutritionists at the Institute for Transformational Nutrition for busy people living their everday busy lives. It has been shown to help improve your overall digestive health, reduce inflammation, increase energy and reset your body systems.

Click below for more information! Get the accountability you need to kickstart yourself and finally prioritize you!

I want to learn more about the 10 Day Reset Cleanse Challenge!

Even if you don’t join the Challenge this time around – take action! Take stock and pick one small way you can support yourself – you’re worth it!