I am a Certified Transformational Nutrition Coach and am Board Certified in Holistic Nutrition through the National Association of Nutrition Professionals. I also work a full-time “day-job”, most currently as the Senior Manager of Financial Reporting & Technical Accounting for a Public Company. I have been everything from a staff accountant at a big 4 Public Accounting Firm, up through a Corporate Controller over my professional accounting career. I am a mom of three girls and a wife who is remarried to her soulmate. I am busy – just like you. And I am happy and healthy and am creating and living a life that I’ve always dreamed of. (Keep reading to push past the part where you’re probably thinking – “well, good for you lady – but how the hell does that help me” portion of this page).

It takes perseverance, courage and determination to decide mid-life that you will follow what your soul says is your purpose – and I did it, never looking back and continually pushing forward. I am now extremely proud to be able to say that I have the expertise AND the experience (more on this below) that enables me to help other busy professional women along their health & wellness journey. I provide expert guidance in helping my clients find their right path to health, I help guide them in determining all the various actions and steps they will need to take along that path and, most importantly, I help them actually implement these actions into their busy daily lives so that they find long-term and lasting success. Saving time and energy for my clients so that they can get down to the business of living the life of their dreams – Just as I am living the life of my dreams! (ok, finally – here it is – the part where you get to read about how I’m actually a human being and what I’ve gone through to get here! – aka, why I totally “get” you).

This is the part where I talk about how my life experiences have positioned me to understand and empathize with how hard it is to make lasting changes. (My nutrition and coaching credentials speak for themselves – besides, this is the juicy stuff!) After a lifetime of poor eating habits, weight issues, depression, anxiety and zero self-worth, there came a time when my mind and body finally couldn’t take all the abuse I’d heaped upon it over the years. I’d ignored my issues and crushed them down inside of me for so long that one day, in my late 30s, as I had recently divorced, moved myself and my three small children back into my parents’ house and had been desperately trying to hang on to a poor relationship – which did not work out – I completely broke down. 30 some years of emotions came flooding through and I could barely function in life. I took time off of work (because all I did was cry hysterically when my kids weren’t around) and just stayed in bed as much as possible. That was the turning point. I got up (thank you mom), got help from my doctor and a therapist and started my journey to put myself back together. (ok, ok, so I skipped all the details on the really juicy stuff – but you don’t have all day to read this right?!)

My transformation started there and I haven’t stopped since. While I still suffer from anxiety and depression – I know now how to manage it and keep it at bay when it pops up. I no longer take medication for it and am the healthiest inside and out that I’ve ever been in my life. I have lost the excess physical weight (as well as emotional weight), have learned how to eat properly not just to maintain my weight loss, but for true health and longevity as I age and am genuinely and truly happy with who I am and where life has taken me. It’s been a long road.

I’ve been there. I see you. And, together, we can get you on the right track. If I can do it – you can too!


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