Prioritizing ourselves…?! The time is NOW!

I have recently been doing a lot of journaling around my own transformation (health, life in general) – both in the past as well as in the present. As I look at where I’ve come from and am pondering where I want to go (and what I have to do in the present to get there), I wondered to myself – why now? Why now have I started to encounter so many women around my age group who are looking for more support and help in their health journey? Why do we seem to all be looking forward at how we want to feel, look, live and be as we move through this life? Why now do we seem ready to finally pay attention to ourselves?

Many reasons I’m sure. However, I think that as we are all entering and moving through our 40s and into our 50s we are struck with the realization that – shit, this is it. We think about our focus from our younger years – first on building our careers and our family. We were focused on crushing it in our chosen fields (whatever that may have been). We were focused on finding love (and for some of us, for realizing it was the wrong love, remedying that situation and then finding love again). We were focused on raising a family. We were focused on the neighborhood we wanted to live in and the homes we wanted to buy. We were focused on growing up and being and doing all of the things we wanted to and dreamed about in our younger years. We were focused on becoming – us. We were focused on creating our lives.

Somehow along the way though we got lost in all that becoming, in all that doing, in all that focus on others. We love (hopefully) our work and enjoy being amazing at what we do. We love (hopefully) our families, our significant others and our children, our homes – the crazy busy lives we’ve created. But somehow we sort of lost ourselves along the way. We are very busy managing work and home lives and ensuring it ALL gets done. And now we seem to be taking stock.

We’re established in careers, we have our homes and our families (whatever that may look like for us) – so now what? When we allow ourselves to take 2 minutes out of our busy day to just look inward at ourselves and who we’ve become – at our health and well-being, at what we want out of life on a deeper level. We sometimes don’t like, and are surprised at what we see. We then start thinking of the future: What do I want my future to hold? Who am I? Do I like this person? Who do I want to be? The questions move from – what career will I have to – how do I want to live my life in a way that fulfills me and makes me happy? How do I envision my future as I age? How do I want to feel? What do I want to be able to do? How will I be there for my kids as they grow? How can I avoid nursing homes and cancer? Can I…?

We now seem to be in a season of life where we are finally ready to prioritize ourselves again. To look deeper at the meaning of our lives, and we want to find the health and wellness that will allow us to live fulfilling and purpose-driven lives – so that essentially – we can just be happy and enjoy the remainder of our time on this planet.

Which brings me back to my original question. Why now? Why now are women reaching out, raising their hands – essentially saying – I am ready now. I am ready to prioritize myself in my own life again. I am ready to look and feel like the me I know is in there and the me I know I can be. I want that guidance and I am ready to finally feel amazing and be free to live life the way I want.

The answer? We are now wise enough to understand the value of time, and (unlike in our youth) we realize that we don’t have forever to just struggle around with years of trying to figure it out on our own. It is because of the wisdom we’ve gained through the years that we know the value of just reaching out, asking for help from those who are more knowledgeable and have been there (why waste time and energy figuring it out when it’s much more efficient to look to those that have already figured it out). We want to have someone help us find that right path, that right protocol, those right actions for us as an individual – so we don’t have to waste time and energy on it. We know that having an expert guide always make the journey easier, always helps push us forward and just feel’s so much safer and we feel more confident than going it alone. We know that having that guidance and support will allow us the room we need, give us the permission we are looking for to make that space in our lives, to implement those changes and make them part of who we are.

And – We are now reaching out. We are looking for coaches and consultants who can streamline the process for us. Who can set us on the right path and help us figure out how to implement the changes we want/need in our extremely time-crunched, busy lives, who can act as guides and support us on our journey. Because we don’t want to waste any more time struggling, we just want to keep moving.


Take that action ladies. Step in to your power, take responsibility for your health and well-being, take control and steer yourself where YOU want to go. When you’re ready – reach out. I’m here to help. I’m in it with you. I am ready to be that lighthouse, that grounding, that expert and that support. Take that easy first step – schedule a free 30 minute consult at the link below. You CAN do this! You are ready.

Here’s to an amazing future!