Why A Coach?

The question really is – why wouldn’t you hire a coach?

Everyone who is successful and excels at what they want to accomplish hires a coach – Athletes, Executives, Speakers, Entreprenuers, Artists, Writers, Oprah (who has many) ….  Why is this?

Reaching your goals, whatever they may be, and maximizing your potential requires you to dig deep, work hard, make hard decisions, be consistent, understand your priorities and stay the course (being able to pivot along the way). Reaching your goals often involves change. Change, for many, is extremely hard and can be scary as well as confusing. Getting where you want to be also often requires long-term behavior changes. To accomplish all this alone would be quite a feat. The lone-wolf approach never works.

  • Coaching helps you to gain clarity and understanding over exactly what it is you are looking to achieve. The process helps you to focus on, and crystallize (or envision) where you are going and how you will get there.
  • Coaching provides resources, training and education – tools to help you on your way.
  • Coaching helps you to see your authentic self and remain in alignment with who you are while on your journey. Coaching helps you to see things outside of yourself – observations, habits, actions, thoughts etc. that may not be apparent to you because you’re so close to yourself and your ingrained ways of being.
  • Coaching provides structure and gives guidance and support from an expert when you need help finding the path.
  • Coaching gives you the accountability and push to get better, do more and keep going. Coaching keeps you on track and pushing forward.
  • Coaching ensures that along each step you are not alone. You have the support and touchpoints you need/want.
  • Coaching helps you find the power within to keep your journey going, long after the formal coaching process is done.

Coaching is not consulting where the coach will tell you exactly what to do, when and how. It’s not mentoring or counseling. Coaches empower and help you find the tools and habits you need. Coaches listen, observe, reflect on YOU and the areas YOU want to focus on in order to help you find and achieve success. Coaches don’t do the work for you, they encourage you to do the work for yourself. They guide and give suggestions. They hold you accountable for your decisions and actions. They push you and challenge you to do better.

All that being said, the original question asked – “Why Hire A Coach?” – is truly – “How fast can I hire the right Coach for me?”